Free Community Computer Literacy Program


Need for Program

The North East is an area which has a large demographic of immigrants and participants that are new to Canada. This causes a need for affordable language classes to be created and accessible. Being able to have access to these types of programs would not only allow for an increase in literacy but assist newcomers in integrating into Calgary. With their newfound skills they would be much more comfortable in their new home and have an increase in confidence. Also, in Canada and all western countries we are dominated by technology and the need to be able to understand how to use it. By offering a class that would provide a place to learn the basics and be set on a path of further learning opportunities is vital for those who lack this ability. It is important to not only be literate in English but also the internet and computers to be successful.

Objectives of the program:

Our main goal for the computer literacy program is to allow more individuals access to a place where the basics can be taught. As we continue to become more and more technologically advanced it is extremely important for individuals to be able to use computers and various applications. Aside from knowing the basis being able to utilize all the information offered on the internet would be very beneficial to every single member.

As important computer literacy it is fundamental t be able to both speak and read English. It is a basic requirement to be able to do any sort of job and be able to build relations with a variety of different people. However, there aren’t that many free options that are located in a location easily accessible to individuals that most need the program. For our Life Skills program our main goal is to teach the basics that would allow  participants the ease to be independent and comfortable filling out documents as well as creating resumes. These are vital life skills that everyone needs to know to be successful in their life. By teaching these skills we enable participants to be able to fill out applications without the fear of doing it wrong and the ability to actually do it on their own. Also, by teaching resume creation they now have the ability to apply for jobs and contribute to society.